Mechanical Services

Creative, complex, simple or just get it done efficient designs, no matter what your need for engineering designs we have experience and talent to do it. Our design engineers understand all aspects of the design cycle and apply the appropriate approach to each application. We know engineering design and we certainly have the resumes to back it up. If your need includes mechanical, software, electrical, system analysis, simulation, modeling or any combination we can help you accomplish your goals.


We can work using many business models:

  • Provide turn-key design solutions
  • Work on the up front concepting and proof of concept phases
  • Create a working prototype of your design
  • Be a member of your team and managed by your leaders

Our automation design solutions include:

  • Low-level machine control software that provide precise, efficient and fast motions for function and productivity. This software integrates multi-dimensional sensors and vision to operate smoothly and detect issues prior to faulting. Learned intelligence is integrated into much of the motion software to provide continuous system operation
  • Mid-level software control that seamlessly merges multiple modules from both control and data standpoints
  • High level software that provides visibility and planning at module level or system level, suggesting changes in system planners, identifying trends before failures occur and displaying real time data for mobile visibility and instant management.
  • Complex motion control modules or multi-module systems that automate manual or semi-automatic processes to achieve return on investment through improved productivity
  • Industrial automation systems that increase speed or function of existing automation systems
  • Systems that receive software upgrades to improve performance, visibility, maintenance or availability
  • Integration of sensors including vision, lasers, sound, and mobile platforms into critical systems to provide maximum benefit